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You get in a getaway room included in a “team connection exercise” making use of Karasuno VBC

You get in a getaway room included in a “team connection exercise” making use of Karasuno VBC

Are you gonna be able to get away at some point and construct your own bonds with the teams along the way? Test out your expertise and discover if you have what it takes! (Presently merely half the team are playable.)

All credits for dynamics sprite artwork visit formal Haikyuu! anime/ released artwork; we just edited/modified them utilizing Paint 3D with this project. Photo loans for sourced elements of various artwork assets such as unique things and backgrounds go directly to the amazing photographers at Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, and Wikipedia who given free-to-use royalty-free or public site articles. Information on the constellations is credited to Wikipedia aswell.


how do you complete the video game I managed to get the locker and safer open and then im puzzled on what to do

Anybody need help? I obtained the problem solutions down! 😉 but I will not provide response alone, how exactly to get the response >v<

I favor the way I actually did all my better to keep my route towards Suga as much as possible XD Although I were left with flicks times with Tanaka in the beginning attempt to Kinoshita at next. THIS REALLY IS FUN! I ENJOY IT! Even if it actually was uh kinda tough hehe.. but we were able to get to the locker place however sadly perhaps not the locker #23 was it? :’D I’ll sample again and again until I have my personal boi Suga and victory the video game XD

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I must say I don’t know how to submit my label on my IPad,The keyboard dousn’t show up. could someone please let. ?Y™??Y?»

i havent starred they but and that I rlly just typed in haikyuu jsut for your hekk from it very idk what to anticipate lol

I really have a difficult time with locker 23 and I also dunno exactly why i will switch the cat in this degree (as a consequence of some comment i came across tho).